Teacher Of The Year!

100.7 The Coyote is teaming up with Madison County Ford to find the Madison County “Teacher of the Year!”

You sent us a short essay, and a panel of judges will picked 5 finalists! Here they are…

*Please note on there that it’s possible that each of the finalists might have had more than 1 nomination, but our judges decided to post only 1 nomination for each teacher.


Joe Hollenbach – Madison Southern High School

Why am I nominating this person?  There’s a lot of reasons why I feel like Mr.Hollenbach really deserves this award and I am so glad that this doesn’t have a character limit because I wouldn’t be able to tell you all he’s done for me in 150 letters. First of all, Mr. Hollenbach is GREAT at what he does. Teaching. He is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had in high school. Social Studies is not something I’ve ever taken easily, usually I’d have a low C and going into World Civ this year I honestly expected nothing less. But his teaching style shocked me in a good way and my A’s this year prove that what he’s doing works. He explains things in a way that’s easy to understand but has widened my vocabulary as well as my view on history and the world. He makes the topics relatable to life, books, movies, etc. He always has us form our own opinions on history by having us put ourselves in the places of both sides. He shows us how things REALLY were. I’ve never met a teacher that can get through to each and every one of his students the way he does it. Other than being a great teacher he is an amazing person. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to ask “How are you?”, or, “How’s your day going?”. You can really see how much he cares about the people sitting in the chairs. I can tell that we are not just students or grades or standards to him, we are REAL people. He gets that high school is far from the easiest thing and that not everything is okay all the time. He goes out of his way to help his students and make sure that they are okay and nothing is bothering them. I’ve seen him stand up for plenty of kids which goes unnoticed by a lot of teachers. He would never just walk away if he saw something happening and it’s amazing to find a teacher like that. Mr. Hollenbach is an amazing teacher and an amazing person and if I could give an award like this to anyone, it would hands down be him.

Kathy Todd – Shannon Johnson Elementary

Mrs. Todd is the PE teacher at Shannon Johnson Elementary in Berea. She has taught in Madison County for 27 years and is finally throwing in the towel and retiring at the end of this year. She goes above and beyond her call of duty. She has coached numerous jump rope teams, started the archery team at SJE, and puts on all of the Triple Crown races in Madison county. She has dedicated her life to the kids of Madison county. Before Shannon Johnson was built she worked at Bellevue and then at Mayfield. She is an inspiration to everyone. I can’t even begin to write down all of her accomplishments but she is one in a million. She will be so very missed. Help her go out with a bang and send her on an amazing vacay to start her retirement!

Kerry Evans – Madison Middle School

Mr. Kerry Evans is the outstanding band teacher of Madison Middle School. Under his instruction, students blossom and achieve at high levels. It is widely known that middle school is a very stressful time for kids. There are many pressures and societal influences that can so quickly destroy confidence and motivation to succeed. It takes a very special teacher to help students overcome insecurities and work hard to master new skills. Mr. Evans is naturally that teacher. He makes students shine.

Though it must require monumental efforts and a huge percentage of his time, Mr. Evans has unselfishly built an incredible MMS Band program that outperforms many bands of older and more experienced musicians. And he makes it look so easy. Students flock to MMS for the band program, and high school band directors want those students in their bands.

With almost 130 members in the MMS bands, Mr. Evans is impacting lives every day. The arts are integral to student success. Research has strongly shown that students perform at higher levels across the curriculum when they are involved in the arts. The talent, confidence, and discipline being built by this creative, caring, and fun band teacher at MMS is phenomenal and will carry these students throughout their adult lives. For our son in particular, it has provided him an unmatched confidence that we feel will bring many returns for his future. He is a happy, successful, friendly, and well-mannered student who will enter high school equipped with the necessary skills to achieve. Mr. Evans will always be remembered by our family and many others as one of the great teachers that made a difference.

In speaking with other teachers around the state of Kentucky, I have discovered that Mr. Evans is well known. He is highly respected, but so humble and easy to approach. The students admire, trust, and confide in him. Kerry Evans is a superstar teacher and very much deserves this recognition.

Robin McDaniel – Kit Carson Elementary

My children are students at Kit Carson Elementary.  I wanted to take a minute to recognize and bring to your attention how wonderful Robin McDaniel is.  Several years ago my daughter was placed in Ms. McDaniel’s 1st grade classroom.  After about two weeks I was receiving phone calls at home regarding my daughter’s lack of attention/interest at school.  This was something I myself I recognized years earlier, but educators had contributed her lack of focus to her being young and immature. However, Ms. McDaniel started doing small things in the classroom to pull my daughter’s attention to the activity at hand.  She moved my daughter to the front of the classroom.  She began to write on the board in red or green markers.  (She had read a scholarly article stating this tended to draw kids with ADHD attention to the board).  Needless to say the struggles with my daughter left her confidence shot to pieces.  She needed a teacher who would love her, who would encourage her, and make her feel a sense of confidence in the classroom.  Ms. McDaniel did all of those things.  Ms. McDaniel is always doing special things for the kiddos; special activities.  Some of these activities include her amazing Polar Express unit at Christmas time and her Dr. Seuss unit in the spring.  Every parent-teacher conference I have had with Ms. McDaniel included techniques I could use at home to help my children strive in areas they were currently struggling in.  She ensures no child is ever left out.

I hold a special place in my heart for Ms. McDaniel.  She is truly a special person who goes above and beyond what an educator has to and should do.  I just wanted to bring to your attention how wonderful Ms. McDaniel is and how much my family appreciate her hard work and dedication to my children’s educational experience.  She truly is a blessing to the Madison County School system.

Sharon Graves – Clark-Moores Middle School

I am nominating this person because she is an awesome teacher!! She really cares about us as students and doesn’t just look at us like a pay check. She stays way past time for her to get off to help us with our awesome civil war projects!!  If any teacher deserves this it is Mrs. Graves she has got to be one of the most sweetest most caring and kind teachers I know.  I love her so much that I came back this year to do living history with her. You can see the tiredness on her face but she this loves what she does soo much she continues to do it…  and it’s not just school life she helps you with, it’s your personal life too.



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